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Integrated Control Systems Design and Implementation

Anstetics Inc. is a high technology company, specializing in the design and implementation of automated control and robotic systems across a multitude of industries. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, we here at Anstetics strive to stay ahead of the curve, offering cutting edge solutions to automate your processes with the latest technologies. From electrical design, PLC and Robotics program development to fluid power design, we supply our customers with specialized and efficient controls system design tailored to your needs. From the design/concept phase right through to on site commissioning, initial production runs and even after inception support, we are able to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re considering adding a new system, or upgrading an existing one, if you are in pursuit of increasing productivity, efficiency, better return on investment or cost savings through automation, robotics or process controls we can help you achieve your desired outcome.



We can produce electrical schematics for your control system to accurately direct and reflect your new control system from beginning to end. We have experience across multiple design platforms in order to suit your needs best.


With experience across numerous PLC programming software and hardware platforms and proficiency in a variety of computer programming languages, we provide high quality and efficient software development and programming solutions to help you with your most challenging automation problems.


Anstetics has experience across multiple robotic platforms in a variety of high tech production environments in order to offer you the extensive knowledge you require to deal with any challenges you may encounter. Whether it’s offline programming, initial setup, safety circuits and setup, on site programming, or path and cycle time optimization we are equipped to assist you all along the lifecycle of your equipment from inception and commissioning, right through to production support.


We have the ability to upgrade or custom design and program your desired control, monitoring, and user interfaces to keep you in control, and in tune with all your of your systems processes. Our software developers are experienced across a vast variety of SCADA, DCS, RTU and HMI software packages from all of the leading manufacturers.


In today’s high tech environment, there’s arguably nothing more important than data tracking, analyzing and manipulation. We can help you schedule production processes and integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), monitor process control systems implementation of production orders, collect and analyze production performance data and machine status, and present the information and control for you in a user friendly interface. With our knowledge of automation systems, we can give you access to any aspect of your production process.


Whether you’re in search of an open or closed loop system, we have the ability to setup and program various servos and VFDs to accommodate any of your positioning, velocity, force and pressure control needs. With our expertise across various hardware we will help you tune in to your most precise machine movements.


As the demand for more intelligent and flexible machines continues it’s unprecedented growth, vision systems or machine vision has become a mainstay to allow for content refinement and flexibility in machine decisions. We are experienced with the integration of an variety of camera and sensor manufacturers on both machine and robot platforms. Let us help you take your machine intelligence to the next level.


Using proven project management techniques, we allow our customers to have confidence in knowing their project will exceed their expected goals. Our customers can expect a single point of communication for every project to stay up to date with every projects progress. Through the use of various techniques like job cost analysis, measurable goal setting, milestone tracking and more, we’ll take your project from the planning stage to project execution, right through to a successful project closing and acceptance.

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