What We Do

Employing the latest in machine vision technology, Anstetics is able to offer cutting edge solutions with integrated machine vision, to take your automation system to the next level and become that much more intuitive. Let us help you by bringing increased flexibility into your production process, incorporating camera technology into your automation systems to make smart decisions for your machines on the fly. With experience in various vision applications like inspection, barcodes and data matrix reading, process controls or even vision guided robotics, we are able to assist in even the most complex vision applications. We possess the know-how to supply you with a system that can be as simple as a pass fail, to something far more involved like vision guidance for robotics, that outputs positioning and orientation data for higher levels of complexity and decision making. Utilizing our knowledge of automation processes and our design, PLC, motion and robotic experience you can be confident not only in our ability to set up a vision solution that works best for you, but also knowing that we will make sure it’s integrated properly with the rest of your system.

How We Do It

Machine vision offers a wide range of different capabilities and depending on the application we can use a number of different techniques to gather information about products coming through our customers systems including Barcode/Matrix reading, image filtering, use of contrast thresholds, edge detection, and pattern recognition just to name a few. Regardless of our customers application, when they call us to integrate vision into their process they become immediately aware of the increased ROI, whether they are cutting costs while increasing throughput and standards in having a 24/7 quality inspector integrated into their line, or reducing maintenance downtime requirements for robot teaching, and decreased production cycle times. If you’re looking for vision experts to assist you with an existing system, interested in integrating a new machine vision system into an existing process, and boosting revenues by means of smarter more efficient technologies, Anstetics can provide the guidance to make your vision a reality!


Anstetics Advantage

    • Safety. Our customers come to us with confidence knowing that our machine vision solutions always put safety first with any project we are involved in. Drawing from advanced training and experience, we have the knowledge to help integrate vision applications to the highest safety standards.


    • Results that fit your timeframe. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer deadlines, by working with them and applying efficient vision analysis skills to provide a finished product that fits their schedule.


    • Cost Effectiveness. Through a wealth of knowledge our team has gained through years of experience our customers know the value of our machine vision solutions through their ROI.


    • Accuracy. Whether you’re looking for specific positioning, inspection or data acquisition requirements with your vision application you can look to us with confidence knowing whatever you request we always provide solutions that accurately obtain what you require.


    • Continuous Improvement. By utilizing our ever expanding knowledge of various standards and vision techniques, learning from past project experience, project reviews and customer feedback, we are constantly analyzing our machine vision concepts and making necessary adjustments on a regular basis. This allows us to offer proven, high quality, working vision that can be applied in your next project.


    • Flexibility. While we are fully capable of designing a system complete with all our customers machine vision requirements, if there are any requests or changes including system functionality or existing vision configurations, scheduling, or workload we understand the need for flexibility to complete a project smoothly.


We have expertise across many vision system manufacturers’ hardware and software platforms, below are some of the manufacturers we have experience with:

Rockwell Automation
Allen Bradley
Siemens Automation
Omron Automation
Teledyne Dalsa