The automotive manufacturing industry is the pioneer industry in automation.  From the first production line every created by Henry Ford, the constant improvement and refining of the automotive production processes continue today.  The automotive sector is one of the biggest procurers of automation and robotic systems for a reason.  They have extremely high production goals that require accuracy and repeatability to satisfy consumer demands and automation offers solutions to the auto industry to solve these problems.

Anstetics is heavily experienced in assisting the auto industry in meeting their production goals.  We have experience in all facets of the auto manufacturing industry including Body in White (BIW), Powertrain, Frame Lines, Paint, and Assembly.  Processes like material handling, conveyor systems, machining, and welding are all within our realm of experience.  Some of our past projects include system applications like industrial robotic washers, machining centres, conveyor part tracking, leak tester cells, robotic MIG and spot welding systems, and deburring cells to name a few.

Anstetics has a strong relationship with customers both big and small in the auto industry, working on projects with small builders and suppliers, Tier 1 and 2 automative suppliers , right up to the big corporations manufacturing some of the best selling vehicles in the world.  No matter the size of your project, whether you’re looking to automate a small fixture, a one robot cell, or a 60 robot production line we have the sound experience to make your vision a reality.