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What We Do

Anstetics is experienced in motion controls across multiple hardware and software platforms. From single to multi axis systems, general motion control and simple kinematic applications, to applications like robotics that involve much higher complexity, motion control is used in numerous industries and we are well suited to design and program the motion system you require.

We are experienced with drives, motors and linear actuator positioning with various degrees of accuracy, from rough positioning right through to the finest accuracy. No matter the application, whether it demands control of positioning, velocity, force, pressure or a combination of, we have experience We are capable of handling and designing for both open and closed loop systems allowing us to assist you with simple control to fully automated self monitoring motion controls.

How We Do It

We possess the knowledge of protocols like SERCOS, SiMotion and Ethernet/IP and applications involving single servos or co-ordinated motion, so we apply a solution that can integrate with your existing networks, or something utilizing the latest cutting edge communication protocols. We have experience in many different industries where motion control is applicable including automotive, biotechnology, oil and gas and food and beverage to name a few which gives us the ability to customize a solution that suits your demand, regardless of the market.

Our experience with PID loops and servo tuning to provide accurate movement and positioning for many types of applications allows us to give you the reliable, smooth operating control our customers seek. Let us help amplify your production on your next motion control project!


Anstetics Advantage

  • Safety. Our customers come to us with confidence knowing that when it comes to motion control and motion integration, safety is always at the forefront of any project we are involved. Drawing from advanced training and experience, we have the knowledge to help integrate motion control systems designed to the highest safety standards.
  • Results that fit your timeframe. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer deadlines, by working with them and applying efficient motion and optimization soultions to provide a finished product that fits their schedule.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Through a wealth of knowledge our team has gained through years of experience, our customers know that our motion control solutions are synonymous with value.
  • Accuracy. Whether you’re looking for motion control systems requiring co-ordinated motion or multi axes control requiring precise tolerances, you can look to us with confidence knowing whatever you request we always provide solutions that accurately control what you require.
  • Continuous Improvement. By utilizing our ever expanding knowledge motion control hardware and software, learning from past project experience, project reviews and customer feedback, we are constantly analyzing our motion control concepts and making necessary adjustments on a regular basis. This allows us to offer proven, high quality, motion solutions specific to our customers needs.
  • Flexibility. While we are fully capable of designing complete custom motion systems for our customers, if there are any requests or changes including functionality or target specifics, scheduling, or workload we understand the need for flexibility to complete a project smoothly.

Some of the brands we have experience with:

Rockwell Automation
Allen Bradley
Siemens Automation
Omron Automation
ABB Motion
SEW Eurodrive